Integrated sustainability program

Sustainability and environment

Sustainable solutions are in high demand and we are working closely with our customers to provide them the most sustainable, efficient and effective ways to get great results. Examples of our sustainable approaches in 2020 include electric trucks, combining loads, reducing empty mileage and recycling items such as semitrailer curtains and brake calipers and many more, such as:

  • Formation of the Energy Transition Board
  • Joining the European Clean Truck Alliance (ECTA)
  • Membership Hytrucks consortium
  • Piloting the SEC Super Eco Combi
  • Making use of the Ecocombi / LHV
  • Using LNG and bio-fuels
  • Working closely with suppliers to reduce energy consumption and costs
  • Having our warehouses BREEAM certified
  • Optimizing loads and reducing empty runs


Emissions in 2020

In 2020, Vos Logistics installed over 12,000 solar panels on the rooftops of our buildings in Oss and Roosendaal. Building on this success, Vos Logistics will keep solar panels front of mind as we expand our premises.

CO2 emission premises


CO2 emissions fleet





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