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Ethical code & Values of Service

Ethical code

We act in accordance with our Values of Service and ethical principles. The Vos Logistics Ethical Code provides our organization and our suppliers with detailed guidelines on conduct. The Code contains ethical principles and explains what we expect from our organization and our suppliers. The Values of Service represent what we stand for and guide all the processes in our organization.

Vos Logistics has a Whistleblower Policy as part of its corporate compliance framework. This Policy creates an environment in which employees and external business partners feel confident to raise concerns with Vos Logistics. The Policy includes a reporting mechanism that is objective, confidential and independent, and it protects whistleblowers from reprisal or disadvantage resulting from raising concerns. The Policy was not used by employees or business partners in 2020.




The Ethical Code, Values of Service, Whistleblower Policy and the other regulations listed above embody Vos Logistics’ policies regarding environmental, social and staff matters, respect for human rights as well as the combating of corruption and bribery.

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